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Catchy benefits from 2014 balance transfer promotions make customers better-off

Many people keep concentrate on any change in their balance transfer credit card closely. This is because of expectations of people to get a favorable situation. It is time to look at 2014 balance transfer promotions from various credit cards that have satisfied users increasingly.  Credit card holders now look forward to knowing benefits from other credit cards so as to switch to the most suitable credit card every time. On the other hand, the most excellent promotions from all credit card companies give satisfaction to users. City Simplicity attracts many people through its balance transfers with a 0% APR up to 18 months.  Even though this noticeable issue affects individuals’ financial plan, APR after the introductory period is depending on customers’ creditworthiness.

The Discover card has satisfied customers increasingly. This is because of the most expected APR at all the time. This allows 0% APR on balance transfers up to 18 months. This continues as late as August 2015 to give surprise to individuals with a plan to choose the Discover card.  The balance transfer fee is 3% of each balance transfer. Users of this credit card can get advantages like no annual fees, no late fee on an initial late payment and no fees for foreign transactions.  Users of this card can know about their FICO credit score through their card’s monthly statement at no cost.

American Express has a good reputation because of the highest quality facilities to make satisfied customers day after day. This gives Blue Cash Everyday with an eye-catching offer of 0% balance transfer with a period of 15 months. Some people use their cards to purchase grocery items every month. They can select this card to make use of this card’s 3% back on supermarket purchases. However, they have a need to select a stand-alone supermarket to get this offer.


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